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About me

I have always enjoyed making and crafting things. I won a prize for one of my first school projects by creating a Celtic hill fort out of mud and straw, an old cereal box and lollipop sticks. At University I studied a course that covered the breadth of digital media, design and culture where I focused my learnings on the value of user-centred design.

Shaping design

To create the best experience for the user I research the brief, consider the pros and cons of different approaches, formulate a plan and devise a strategy. This forms a solid base for concept development, effective design implementation and a successful campaign across all projects.

Hands on design

My passion for digital design is helped by a rather large chunk of skills in the following: Sketch, Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, UX/UI design, Wordpress, Wireframes, Concepts, Prototyping, Responsive Design, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Testing, Animation, Video Editing.

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How can Ribbon help?

Whether you’re running your own business, need help managing a household project or just want to tick off some of the tasks on your ever growing personal admin list, there are times when everyone needs an extra pair of hands. Ribbon is here to offer versatile and efficient freelance assistance to ease the burden.

The Ribbon Story

As the founder of Ribbon, I was born to organise and I have always been passionate about bringing order to the chaos of life. With a brief stint in TV production, I went on to progress my career at several top 10 London advertising agencies. Working as a senior project manager I thrived on tight deadlines, while overseeing budgets and managing teams of art directors, copywriters and designers. I learnt a great deal of resilience, the ability to think outside of the box and crucially the solid skill set needed to become a successful and accomplished lifestyle manager and PA. After a few years working for a prominent business and lifestyle management company I set up Ribbon, offering services to high net worth clients on a freelance basis.

The team at Ribbon have been working with high net worth and high profile individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners since 2011. If it needs managing, organising or trouble shooting we're there!

Over the years Ribbon has built up a book of contacts from IT specialists and web designers to VIP “fixers”. We are part of a network of high end PA’s who share knowledge on trusted suppliers and if we can’t help then we always know someone who can.

Get in touch

Based in West Sussex, Ribbon works with clients in the South East and beyond. Call or email to find out how Ribbon can tie everything together.

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